Subject: Re: taking heat for doing Windows
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 21 Mar 1998 15:57:42 -0000

Rich Morin writes:
 > At 15:24 -0800 on 3/20/98, Daniel Nachbar wrote:
 > > >  ... I'm taking a lot of heat from some sectors on the
 > > > question of whether we should support and/or encourage a Windows 95/NT
 > > > port. ...
 > I don't tend to do much with Windows, but that has mostly to do with
 > my personal tastes in OSs and my feelings about monopolies.  In the
 > general case, I think that it is probably a Good Thing to encourage
 > the availability of source-available freeware on Windows, just as I
 > like seeing it on Mac OS (and for that matter, proprietary Unices).

And the PalmPilot.  You can do cross-development from Unix in C.

But that gets me to wondering.  There's not an awful lot in a
PalmPilot that's proprietary technology.  Mightn't a hardware
manufacturer make use of open-source technology to assemble a
fully-documented system and specifically target the open-source

How would that work best?  A major expense, both in time and money, is
the plastic molds.  The electronics could be put together long before
the plastic.  Oh, and FCC approval.  So it seems like the manufacturer
could put together a prototype run of the electronics and get it out
to developers.  That would give them a chance to write the software
and build a business.

I wish I knew more about hardware manufacturing so I could run some numbers.

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