Subject: Netscape Liberation Party! April 1 night, San Francisco
From: John Gilmore <>
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 1998 15:36:05 -0800

[I don't think I've seen a party announcement on FSB before, but then
 again no zillionaire Internet startup ever freed their software before
 either...    --gnu]

Jamie Zawinski is hosting a public dance party club event in SF, to
celebrate the public release of Netscape's source code.  All friends
of "Open Source" are invited to this "Open Party".


PS: Don't forget to celebrate St. Stupid's Day earlier that day.  The
annual parade starts at noon at the foot of Market St. in SF,
organized by the First Church of the Last Laugh.  Dress in stupid
clothes and bring stupid stuff to march with.  I'll be at IETF in LA
instead, which is really stupid of me.