Subject: Re: Economics of Free Software
From: ghost@ALADDIN.COM (L. Peter Deutsch)
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 93 23:13:20 PDT

> Let's not beat around the bush here.  L. Peter Deutsch seems to be
> saying that it is economically irrational for someone to *develop*
> free software.

Well, in a nutshell, yes.  And I pretty much agree with the rest of
Maeda's posting.  That doesn't mean there aren't other, non-economic
(or at least non-micro-economic) reasons that I respect, and even
share to some extent, for developing free software.

Without wishing to sound too self-righteous, I think that the
Ghostscript dual-license model does a better job of satisfying the
desires of all parties involved than either a pure commercial or a
pure free model.  I don't think I've gotten it quite right yet -- the
present copyleft license seems to be giving commercial enterprises a
little too much leeway to incorporate free software in commercial
products under the guise of "aggregation" -- but I think I'm on the
right track.

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