Subject: Certification service
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 22 Apr 1998 19:24:15 -0000

It might now be time for someone to establish a free software
compatibility certification service.  Businesses are happy to pay for
services like these, whose medallions they can plaster on their boxes
and ads.  Rumor has it that one reason why packet drivers were not
more universally successful is because businesses couldn't get their
packet drivers certified.  Even without advertising such, I sold a few
certification services to Digital Equipment Corporation, and
Microdyne.  Had I clued into it sooner, I could have gotten business
from companies like Accton and D-Link.  They derived their own packet
drivers from Crynwr sources, and didn't need to buy packet driver
support.  Certification they *might* have bought.

Anyway, if one of us doesn't jump on it, one of the extant
certification companies (e.g. xxcal) will start providing it.

-russ <>
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