Subject: Summit (was Re: open source definition)
From: Bob Young <>
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 15:51:25 -0300

> Back to the somewhat dismissive suggestion that the
> people at the summit were just "O'Reilly authors"...

> I know there is a bit of animus in the free software
> community about who was invited and who wasn't, so maybe
> this is a good place to say something about the rationale.


I fear I may have been a principal perpetrator of "a bit of 
animus in the free software community about who was invited and 
who wasn't"  as a result of comments that I made on the list
and if so I apologize.

The problem was that we handled a bunch of press inquiries asking 
questions like "There's this major free software summit that O'Reilly 
are organizing and I'm wondering why Red Hat wasn't invited?".  The 
problem was that I had not been aware of your event at all at that 
time and as a result found it difficult to respond.  Rest assured we 
did our best to respond in a positive way.

You have every right to invite whoever you want to any event you want 
to organize.  Just don't promote it as a free software "summit" in the 
national press without at least letting the other folks in the 
community know what you are up to.

> I'd love to talk to anyone who feels that their 
> interests have not been represented by our efforts,
> and to see how we can bring more attention to all
> of the people who, by their generosity, have created
> so much of the value that we all rely on.

I'll second that.

Cheers,   Bob.

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