Subject: So what is an FSB anyway?
From: (Noah Friedman)
Date: Tue, 2 Feb 93 22:49:32 est

>Noah| What kind of "free software" are we generally to be discussing on this
>Noah| list?  Freedom in terms of liberty, or freedom in terms of price?
>What is "Freedom in terms of liberty?" Liberty to do what? Change the
>program? Change the source? 


The GPL/LGPL is a more or less good example of the kind of liberty I'm referring
to.  There may be others, but I'm sticking to what is the most familiar to
me since that's the easiest to defend. 

If you want a copy of the GPL, I'll be happy to mail you one. 
>Huh? If group B is essentially self-sufficient, then why do they need
>to go to the vendor for support? Or am I reading something that you

If the source code isn't provided by the vendor (as was the premise of the
person to whom I was replying) then they can't make changes to the program.
They might be able to rewrite the program from scratch, but that takes
considerably greater effort, and also makes the so-called "monetarily free"
software useless.