Subject: Making a living from free software
From: ghost@ALADDIN.COM (L. Peter Deutsch)
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 93 07:19:33 PDT

rms has challenged me to find a way to make a living from Ghostscript
without licensing it commercially.  So it's reality time here.  For a
start, if you are, or you know personally, someone who supports
themselves entirely through activities related to free software,
please send me their contact information (name, address, phone,
e-mail, ...) and, if you know, tell me a little about what they do.

Don't bother to mention Cygnus: I know them already.

Don't bother to mention anyone who makes less than about $80K a year,
or who gets less than 75% of their income from free software-related
activities.  I'm not interested in the former, and I've done the

My hypothesis is that there aren't any such people, but I'd be very
interested in being proven wrong.

				Thanks -

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