Subject: Re: open source definition
From: "Jonathan S. Shapiro" <>
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 16:07:04 -0400

> Has anyone tried it?  It's easy to predict failure.  Most new ventures 
> are accompanies by predictions of failure.


The first questions out of a conventional investor's mouth concern
revenue, followed closely by an examination of your supporting data
for how you will generate it.  The latter often takes weeks.  In this
environment, it doesn't take rocket science to predict that allowing
others to give the stuff away won't make your case.  ROI is the name
of the game, and it's hard to predict ROI when you lack control of the
distribution channel.  Hell, it's hard enough to predict it when you
*have* control of the distribution channel.

This is not so much a prediction of failure as an experience-driven
observation about incompatible assumptions.

There may be other kinds of investors who will invest in such things.
People donate to all sorts of worthy causes.  It doesn't fit the
worldview of the conventional investor.