Subject: support
From: mcdermot@CS.UNM.EDU
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 93 08:13:11 MST

Adam Sah says:
	The argument here is that people who do nothing but write docs, do tech
	  support, etc. will do a better job than those that are "primarily"
	  developers.  The evidence is pretty clear on this:
	  1. Most companies don't have their top technical people doing tech
	     support.  In the fsb model, you would.
Well, maybe not explicitly, but many companies have VERY high quality technical
people running "help desks" and providing tech support and local "work arounds"
for "unfree" (expensive) software.  I worked some years ago in a position where
one quarter of my time was spent supporting SUNOS for TWO (2) users!  Since SUN
was not fixing bugs in their operating system, I often spent days developing
work arounds.  A working, free, product (with source) would have made things
sooooo much better.

Yes, I know this is more an argument for source than free software, but 
source for the unfree software is virtually impossible to get today.  So
free software can be much more viable in even medium sized businesses.