Subject: Open Systems Products Directory listings
From: Phil Hughes <>
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 16:25:08 -0700 (PDT)

Here is a posting we (SSC) made to a few places.  When we agreed to do
the directory for UniForum this year I emphasized that we wanted to do
outreach to the Free Software community.  Thus, just in case you haven't
seen this before, here is the info.  The listings are free and I feel
this is an excellent chance to get all the FSB people on an even keel
with the non-FSB people.

Dear Vendors,

The 17th Annual Open Systems Product Directory is in the process of
being put together. Any open systems products may list -- there is
no charge.


This catalog is the only single source reference for products and
services spanning all open technologies. More than 9,000 product and
service listings from more than 2,000 vendors worldwide will be
featured. Contents will be searchable by comprehensive indices.
Web-enabled, the CD-ROM will allow direct access to your company.

The Open Systems Products Directory is a benefit of UniForum
membership and all General members of the association receive the
Directory. See for membership information.

Vendors can add new listings or update previous listings online, with
the Logins and Passwords which have been assigned to them. Those
listed in previous directories are receiving this information via US
post, which should have arrived (in the US) by the end of March. Vendors
that wish to be listed for the first time can submit a request online
for a Login and Password to be assigned to them.  

All listings must be entered or updated by May 29th, 1998. 

If you have any questions after you visit,
please feel free to contact Clarica Grove at SSC, Inc. 
Phone: 1-206-782-7733.   Fax: 1-206-782-7191.

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