Subject: Re: Certification service
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 24 Apr 1998 03:13:55 -0000

Scott Goehring writes:
 > One of the ideas that we've been bouncing around at WilberWorks is
 > certifying plugins.  We haven't really talked much about if we'd
 > charge for this, or how much; I'm tempted to do open-source plugins
 > free, and charge for those which aren't open-source, but we haven't
 > really decided for certain.

You've got to start building the WilberWorks brand name.  Certifying
for free is one way to do it, but you've got to face the problem of
free software that fails certification.  I imagine that would tend to
alienate the author of that code.  But it would also make any
non-certified plugins tend to stand out, so it would be very good
pressure for proprietary plugin vendors to certify with you.

 > (Right now we're more concerned about getting 1.0 finished and
 > getting the CD we're publishing ready.  I seem to be spending more
 > time on financial and adminstrative crap than on code.)

Hehe.  Get used to it.

 > BTW, anyone with any experience with credit cards?

Yes.  They're a pain, and expensive to get.  But they're also very
useful.  That and an 800 number lend one a certain amount of
legitimacy.  :)

-russ <>
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