Subject: Re: Proprietary software
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 13:12:57 -0400 (EDT)

In fsb (Jonathan S. Shapiro) writes:

>One thing Cygnus did very effectively is manage the problem of which
>enhancements could be released to which companies.  With the benefit
>of hindsight, I did not appreciate at the time how much pain this must
>be causing on our particular project.  I'ld be interested to here from 
>the Cygnus crew how they actually manage this process; at some point
>diff and patch just don't help anymore.

We use a rather mundane shell script which I think was originally
written by Rich Pixley.  We put special markers in files around stuff
which should not be released.  The special markers are in comments, so
we can use the marked code directly during development.

For a release, we run the shell script with arguments indicating which
markers to keep and which to remove.  It runs sed with appropriate
arguments.  We also maintain lists of files to keep and remove, to be
used when an entire file or directory should not be released.

It's a workable solution, if not inspired.  The limitations are fairly
obvious, but it's good enough for the ritualized forms of code hiding
which we need to support.