Subject: RE: PTF's MacPerl experiment
From: Neil Ticktin <>
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 10:44:44 -0700

Rich, et al,

Rich wrote:
>> Now that the book is in production, the marketing problem remains.  I
>> have looked over the magazine stands, and believe me, there aren't any
>> magazines for casual Mac programmers.  There is MacTech, which targets
>> high-end Mac developers (perhaps 100K, all told).  [snip]
>> NetProfessional, recently acquired by Xplain Corporation (which also
>> publishes MacTech) covers web-related issues in the Mac community and is
>> starting to get more technical.
>> In short, the formal avenues for publicity in the Mac arena are not well
>> suited to our needs.  ...

Without revealing too much of what we're doing, we have solved this for Mac
developer tool vendors.  We've done this in a variety of ways.  The free
ones include MacDev-1, MacTech web site, MacTech's NewsBits, and even the
ability to get product sold through Developer Depot without any up front
cash (unlike most mail order houses).  The paid ones include MacTech banner
ads, print ads, and Developer Central (which is now Apple's and that we
cofounded with Apple in 1994).  The whole idea has been to set up a
sustainable situation that helped out small developer tool vendors get the
word out and become larger vendors.  I think that you'll find that most
tool vendors have found that they are helpful.  Our news distribution has
been so successful that it feeds news to most of the news sites on the web
and mailing lists including EvangeList, Apple Developer News and even CNN
Custom News.

That all said, we're right now looking at how NetProfessional -- a magazine
for web developers and network administrators -- can do the same.  And, the
Depot has been expanded to now include even more web developer and network
products than it ever has before.

In any event, things in this arena will get better in the months to come.
The Internet community is just that, a community.  As a result, it will
better take advantage of what NetProfessional and the Depot have to offer
to help grow that community to new heights.

Just thought you'd like to know.

Neil Ticktin
Publisher, MacTech Magazine
Publisher, NetProfessional Magazine
CEO, Xplain Coporation