Subject: Re: open source definition
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 26 Apr 1998 03:25:01 -0000

Peter Deutsch writes:
 > We also had to show the ability of our business plan to
 > generate revenue. We did that in parallel basically by
 > continuing to work on the plan as we negotiated and
 > continuing to hit every milestone. Once we'd acquired a
 > critical mass of the predicted contracts they came on
 > board. I remember telling one of them a couple of months
 > ago that if he waited much longer we'd have profits
 > rolling in. he joked "well, we'll wait until then" and I
 > replied "and at that point, we wont be willing to take
 > your money". It may be a coincidence, but we got a
 > settlement shortly after! :-)

This is exactly what Don Lancaster was talking about in, summarized as: The "real" way
to "invent" something is to become a purveyor of risk reduction
instead. Using and understanding the idea mortality curve. Getting
paid. Mining fallout. Two examples.

-russ <>
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