Subject: Re: open source definition
From: Brian Bartholomew <>
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 00:12:12 -0400

> People are wondering if traditional software production can work
> with freely copyable software.  It seems to me that, as people put
> forth evidence that it can, more and more restrictions are being put
> on what is meant by traditional software production.

Picture a world like the one in Neil Stephenson's _Diamond Age_: Every
manufactured object has the cost properties of software.  Big up front
cost to design the first one, nearly zero cost to print out copies.
This is the world I want my profitable free software development plan
to work in.  I call this the Star Trek economy problem.

Basing a business's revenue on old-fashioned, hard-to-reproduce things
like cdroms, books, or consulting hours, is a perfectly fine and moral
thing to do.  But it doesn't answer the question I'm interested in.

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