Subject: How complexity in software helps (Was: Re: open source definition)
From: Bob Weiner <>
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 15:12:53 -0700

>>>>> "CB" == Craig Burley <> writes:

   CB>   -  Art is generally more appreciated the simpler it is, because
   CB>      it's designed to meet the expectations of individual human
   CB>      beings.  Software is generally more appreciated the more
   CB>      complicated it is, because it's designed to convince as many
   CB>      human beings as possible that they could not possibly have
   CB>      participated constructively in its creation.

I would give a different reason for why complex software can be appreciated.
The complexity if architected properly greatly reduces the complexity of
using the software.  People can then appreciate how they could not do
the work efficiently without support from the software.

This also supports the notion that good software will continue to be
expensive to produce relative to its reproduction and distribution costs.
This leads me to believe that the needs for large infusions of up-front
capital in the many software industries will continue to grow.  Drug
companies are a good model from which trends could be derived.