Subject: Re: bug lists
From: "Adrian Likins" <>
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 11:11:04 -0400

On Apr 30,  9:25am, Scott Goehring wrote:
> Subject: Re: bug lists
> "Jonathan" == Jonathan S Shapiro <> writes:
> Jonathan> One of the commonly stated goals of Open Source has been
> Jonathan> enabling third-party support.
> Jonathan> If this is a goal, does it make sense to requrie that the
> Jonathan> bug database(s) be publicly accessable?
> This presumes that there is a bug database.  I don't think that all
> that many open source projects have explicit bug databases.
> Aside from that, maintaining a bug database itself is a substantial
> added value.  Might even be worth paying for.

	Not to mention that it is a real pain to maintain an up-to-date bug
database, particularily for large projects. The handful of people working on
gimp bug tracker ( just barely keep up with the
new "incoming" bugs, and thats even without replying to every message.
	Putting more burden on Open Source project developers seems a bad idea,
as most barely have enough time to code as it is.

Adrian Likins

>-- End of excerpt from Scott Goehring

Adrian Likins