Subject: Re: [comp.os.linux.announce] LOCAL: Corel VNC/Open Source Public Announcement at OCLUG meeting
From: Richard Guy Briggs <>
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 14:06:59 -0400 (EDT)

> FYI.
> Here is an intriguing hint of an upcoming announcement from Corel,
> regarding "open source" software.  Do we have anyone near Ottawa on
> May 7?

I live in Ottawa, is that close enough?

I have already received that message.  I have been a part of this user
group since it started.  I have been telling filks about it and we have
been looking forward to this announcement for about 6 months.

I will be there.

I live about an 8 minute walk from the regular meeting site.  Because
of this announcement, the meeting may be moved to a larger and more
presentable space.  They usually meet in a lecture room of a local
community college, but I could see Corel moving this to the main hall
of the National Gallery of Canada or some such place...

I worked for Corel from May '90 to Dec '91, so I've met these people.  I
was interviewed by this subsidiary of Corel last September to do Linux
device driver work for the StrongArm processor, the basis of the VNC, but
they were looking for people willing to do lots of overtime, so I was not
at the top of their list.  I have since received calls from their HR
department inquiring if I was looking for work, which I had to turn down.

> Subject: LOCAL: Corel VNC/Open Source Public Announcement at OCLUG meeting
> Organization: Ottawa Carleton Linux Users Group  OCLUG
> Hi Everyone,
> Our next regular OCLUG meeting is being pushed ahead one day to
> Thursday May 7th from 7-9pm. Location is still being worked out.
> I am pleased to report the reason for this schedule rearrangement
> is the "public announcement that will deal with Corel's position on Open Source
> Software and the importance of this new paradigm to Corel Computer Corp."
> In attendance will be:
> Dr. Michael Cowpland: President and CEO, Corel Corporation. Chairman of
> Corel Computer Corp.
> Mr. Eid Eid, President of Corel Computer Corp.
> There will be possibly some officials from Netscape on hand also.

San Mehat, Roger Bryanton and Pat Byrne will also likely be there.
San used to work with Michael Richardson at MilkyWay Networks.
Pat and Eid were three of the original 4 CorelDraw Programmers.
Roger was one of the principals involved in CorelSCSI from the beginning.
I wasn't aware that Netscape was involved in this...

> Here is your chance to show support for the Open Source movement,
> Linux and to the future of truly having choice when it comes to a
> computing environment. I urge all members of OCLUG to come out to this
> and bring a friend along too. This night will be of historic
> importance along the lines of the Netscape announcement in
> February. The implications of showing your support by attending will
> have a big influence possibly on more of this happening within Corel
> and other companies. They need to know you care, let's show them we
> do!
> Thanks Dave Neil Your OCLUG Spokes-person

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