Subject: Corel announcement
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 8 May 1998 04:14:03 -0000

Eid Eid said (as head of corelcomputer) that all the system software
for the NetWinder (their desktop computer originally envisioned as a
Java thin client but which is now a Linux desktop- see will be under the GPL.  He noted that,
if you want to be a major player, you can't play by Microsoft's rules.
IBM couldn't do it with all their resources.  Nobody can.  You must
build success elsewhere.  Freedom is the key to that success.

He pointed out that restricting distribution of your software is only
a small part of creating value.  Particularly for a hardware company
such as his, the OS is infrastructure.

Michael Cowpland said that he was proud to become a part of the Linux
community.  He committed to making native ports of all Corel software
to Linux.  He liked the idea of the OS being free and open.  He likes
Java, but Java is building slower than Linux.  Java can act as the
glue to pull various bits together.

In later questioning, he said that he couldn't see how he could GPL
Corel's software and still make money.

Some points of the NetWinder:

  o 300 MHZ Dec StrongARM, delivering ~250-260 MIPS
  o 32 Megs of 10ns SDRAM, expandable to 128 Megs
  o Up to 3 gigabyte internal EIDE Fast-ATA disk, laptop formfactor
  o DUAL ethernet interfaces, eth0=10mbit eth1=10/100, both TP
  o 16 bit soundblaster(tm) compatible sound,
  o   onboard speaker
  o   onboard microphone
  o   front panel volume slider
  o   stereo audio in and out
  o SVGA Graphics with onboard 64 bit 2 meg video ram
  o   both SVGA *and* NTSC jacks
  o 30 fps NTSC video capture
  o Will boot in many different ways (uses a mini kernel to boot)
  o winmodem with driver.
  o NO floppy.
  o IRDA AND 40Khz IR for remote control (in and out)
  o one parallel, one serial
  o telco handset jack (e.g. for Plantronics headset)
  o telco line jack (e.g. for 2600 set), only it doesn't generate
    ringing voltage, but you can dial out with it
This is one way cool box, with lots of interesting I/O.

I buttonholed one of the marketeers, and he said that there's going to
be a program to sell at cost to developers.  The price I heard was
CDN$1,000 (~US$700).  Not sure if that was developer or end-user cost.
Probably the latter.

-russ <>
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