Subject: Re: Reasons why being proprietary hurts you more than it helps
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 1 Jun 1998 20:02:02 -0000

Bob Weiner writes:
 > On this basis, I really can't understand the genesis of Russ'
 > comments as a general statement about businesses.

My apologies, Bob.  I wrote that for a specific audience which I
failed to identify -- manufacturers of proprietary hardware.  Obviously I
need to repair that defect.  But with that in mind, could you re-read?
I think there isn't any evidence that such manufacturers do better by
holding back information that is useful to users of that hardware.
Obviously there's a lot of information that is useful to competitors
but useless to users (e.g. supplier relationships, Gerber plots of PC
boards, PLA coding, etc).  I'm not proposing that manufacturers open
up their kimonos -- just peel back the sleeve a little, so we free
software developers can get our job done.

-russ <>
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