Subject: Re: Blender.2
From: "Jesus M. Gonzalez" <>
Date: Tue, 2 Jun 1998 13:56:04 +0200

	In my opinion, the most important aspects where your company
will see benefits of making Blender free are:

1. New developers tinkering with it around the world, reporting bugs,
making improvements, etc. (Specially fi teh code is well written,
documented and modular enough).

2. A lot of free marketing, specially among all that people in the
community of 3D animations. Specially if they can do new things with
it. Probably, you are in a position where you can reach a significant
share of the market in a short period of time.

3. Maybe, non-technical customers willing to pay reasonable fees for
having such and such new features, and support. That, of course,
depends a lot on the market share you get.

	From my point of view, GIMP is a good example of a similar
situation, WRT the software itself (although they still have to be
able of maintaining a profitable company). ACT (Ada Core Technologies)
could also be interesting, since they live mainly from supporting
customers and gaining contracts to improve their tools for a
customer (as long as I know). In their business, customers are used
to pay reasonable fees for good software tools, and in general that
software tools are not where their customers make the money (so they
doen't matter fi then that goes into their mainstream tools, perhaps
with some delay). Maybe in your business environment that's true too.

	Just my 0.02 Euros...


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