Subject: RE: great quote
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 18 Jun 1998 22:03:02 -0000

Chris Maeda writes:
 > It's a great analogy.  The flip side is that buying a house
 > is a huge commitement compared to renting and can easily
 > turn into a money pit.  Lots of companies are cutting
 > or scaling back in-house development in favor of packaged
 > apps for this very reason.

But again, this is renting all over again.  Most people who own a
house don't do their own repairs -- they contract out for them.  Most
people who own a house are resistant to renting parts of them -- the
economics just don't work out.  We used to rent a water heater, just
because that's what the people who lived in the house before us did.
But when we looked at the rental bills, and at the cost of a new water 
heater, we bought.

So why don't companies that need applications contract out the support
for them?  What's different about the economics of home repair
contracting vs software repair contracting?

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