Subject: Re: great quote
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 19 Jun 1998 04:11:39 -0000

Brian Bartholomew writes:
 > > So why don't companies that need applications contract out the
 > > support for them?  What's different about the economics of home
 > > repair contracting vs software repair contracting?

 > 	The non-Dilbert company understands that current software
 > 	practice transfers only a minority of the produced
 > 	intellectual work from peoples' minds to code, design
 > 	documents, and other deliverables.  They want those minds
 > 	working for their own company, so they can nuture and protect
 > 	their high valued contents for when they need them.

I'm not so sure about that.  The fellow who built my house got quite a 
bit of practice in doing everything needed to build a house.  He's
charging 20% more now.  There are ways to keep control over the
intellectual work -- retainers come first to mind.

-russ <>
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