Subject: Re: Stupid quote!
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 19 Jun 1998 12:18:35 -0000

Ton Roosendaal writes:
 > It just fits in the same economic system of a materialized product and a
 > certain amount of money involved with it.
 > Both options, buying or renting, don't answer the basic proprierty question.
 > So: "Having the source codes is the difference between having a house or having
 > the construction plans"

Sure it does.  You might have the construction plans, but unless you
own the house, you can put an addition on it.  I can reverse-engineer
the source code, but I can't make changes (according to shrink-wrap
licenses [ which are doo-doo until WIPO passes ]) and I certainly
can't distribute the code.

 > (And yes, I've had my morning coffee! ;-)

That's cheating!  You got up earlier!

-russ <>
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