Subject: Re: WIPO treaty
From: Scott Goehring <>
Date: Sun, 28 Jun 1998 23:34:18 -0500

"John" == John Gilmore <> writes:

John> It seems to be working; you blame the WIPO delegates, rather
John> than the Clinton Administration, for the anti-circumvention
John> policy.

I am not convinced that blame lies solely with the Clinton
Administration.  In my opinion the blame lies with the lobbyists for
the music and film industries, who are spending huge amounts of money
to influence the legislation in Congress to their liking.  Remember,
the President doesn't offer legislation.

John> The technology uses crypto to let movie studios control the
John> world market for their works (a DVD disk playable in the US will
John> not play in a European player; players in each "region" of the
John> world use a different encryption key, though everything else
John> about the players and disks is completely compatible).

Note that this is in part to more readily comply with
anti-cultural-imperialism laws in Europe: the export of American
"cultural content" to most European countries is strictly controlled
_by those countries_ in order to preserve their local "cultural
heritage" from excessive American "cultural hegemony".  (Similar laws
restrict the import of American cultural products into Canada.)  This
is quite significant because cultural products are America's second
largest export (weapons being first).