Subject: Re: Linux v. NT for EDA applications: panel discussion - FYI
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 13 Aug 1998 02:28:33 -0000

John Gilmore writes:

There are no problems, only business opportunities (and transaction
costs :( ).  So corporate buyers don't know to ask for Linux
versions?  Go straight to the techies and give them a product name
(foobar EDA for Linux) and number (#355334) to order.  Then, when
the orders start arriving, go to the EDA vendor and say "I want to
resell the Linux version of your software."  Say this regardless of
whether they have a version or not.  If you're successful, they WILL
come up with a version.

As the guy from Informix said to fyl, "I just typed ``make''".

[ note: there are significant legal liabilities incurred with this
business method.  Talk to your lawyer. ]

-russ nelson <>
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