Subject: Re: Linux v. NT for EDA applications: panel discussion - FYI
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 13 Aug 1998 03:32:03 -0000

Chris Maeda writes:
 > If you were being sarcastic in your original message,
 > it went way over my head and I apologize.
 > The audience participants in the transcripted discussion 
 > seemed to assume that getting the code to run on a developer's
 > pc was all there was to supporting the linux platform.  ("I heard
 > Cadence has their stuff running in house on Linux and won't release it..."
 > Sounds like the X-Files.)  It sounds like I mistakenly assigned 
 > you to that camp.

Nahhhhh.  Of course they're not doing to bother unless there's a
business case.  Fastest way to make a business case is if you have
orders for something (unwashed masses stampeding the doors).  There
seems to be a disconnect between the people who buy EDA product and
people who use it.  If the people who use it can refer their managers
to a product that will run on their preferred platforms, then you've
opened up a channel (on a hailing frequency? :) and created up value.


I'm an optimist.  I figure that any time you create value, there's a
way to suck up part of it.  It may not always be true.  It needn't
always be true.  It need only be true often enough.  And, in a free
market, the only way to get and keep value is to create value, and
share it.  If you want to get value without creating some first,
you're looking for a government, and I would kindly request that such
people stay far, far away from me, cuz their kind makes me puke.

Yrs for a less grumpy day tomorrow....

-russ nelson <>
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