Subject: Re: A few thoughts.
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 15 Aug 1998 01:26:50 -0000 writes:
 > We're not yet at parity.  People sometimes make the mistake of
 > thinking that as the new product market share comes to approximate
 > that of the old the market is driven into making a choice between the
 > two contenders.  My point was that this is often mistaken.  We'll have
 > to see what happens when Linux and Windows are moving the same number
 > of units per month.

I'm not sure I believe this theory.  There are far too many examples
of binary choices.  Or, if you're a fan of the Highlander movies,
"There Can Be Only Two."

 > Once we're first on the shelves we own the turf and the mindshare
 > battle is over unless we screw up.  At that point it's not the source
 > base that holds your customers.

That's interesting.  Redhat Linux is "first on the shelves".

-russ nelson <>
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