Subject: Take the pledge (.org)
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 18 Aug 1998 19:34:33 -0000

Peter Deutsch writes:
 > an impact on the server/developer market than on the
 > desktop market. I'd love to see this change, but right
 > now, not many desktop machines come rebundled with Linux,
 > or anything other than Windows9*.

Here's the concept for (take)  Comments?  Obviously, I
would sell the database to organizations seeking a market for Linux
desktop applications.  Is it too early to start marketing this?  Maybe
not, because it's existance would help bring about the reason for it's
existance.  Recursive marketing.  :)


Hi.  If you're as frustrated by major Windows lossage as I am, then
you're ready to take the pledge.  Read the paragraphs below, fill out
the form and hit submit.  And remember to live by the pledge!

Whereas Windows loses,

Whereas Linux does not,

I hereby pledge to never, ever again buy another Windows program to
run on a Microsoft operating system.  For me to purchase a program,
that program must either exist in 1) a native Linux version, or 2) a
Windows version which has been tested by the manufacturer under Wine,
and is supported in that configuration.





I understand that the information I have given above will be used ONLY 
by organizations seeking to sell me goods or services which abide by
The Pledge.

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