Subject: Re: Take the pledge (.org)
From: (Frank Hecker)
Date: Tue, 18 Aug 1998 21:29:17 -0400

Russell Nelson wrote:
> Here's the concept for (take)  Comments?  Obviously,
> I would sell the database to organizations seeking a market for
> Linux desktop applications.

A perfectly reasonable idea.  However in order for these sales leads
(and that is really what they are) to be considered useful the vendors
will probably want additional information about the pledgers.  In
particular, the vendors will want to know what the scope of their buying
authority is: are the respondents buying for personal use only or do
they buy for others?  If for others, how many: < 10?  10 - 100? and so
on.  Basically the standard questions as commonly found on complimentary
subscription forms for trade publications.  Otherwise you'll likely run
up against the widespread FUD that Linux supporters are willing to vote
with their mouthes but not with their money. 

Frank Hecker          Pre-sales support, Netscape government sales