Subject: Re: Open Source PR Opportunity
From: peterd@Bunyip.Com (Peter Deutsch)
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 11:00:19 -0400

Hi Tim,

[ You wrote: ]

> Anyone want to tackle this?  We'd love to find more people to pass
> along open source PR leads like this to.  If so, let Sara Winge
> ( know you're interested, and she can feed press leads
> like this to you in future.

I wouldn't have the time for preparing such an article
myself but if anyone else does take it on I'd be happy to
supply a quote or two on the topic. We've been developing
Internet software for something like seven years, and in
particular have been looking at Mozilla for a potential
project and have learned a few things about the costs and
benefits of code reuse.

In particular, we've found not enough people understand
the concept of an API, so pulling code apart for reuse is
usually harder (and thus more expensive) than you would
expect. Also, it matters whether you want to take
a snapshot of the existing code, or remain plugged into
the ongoing project development cycle. And so on....

					- peterd

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