Subject: Re: OSDD?
From: Brian Bartholomew <>
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 02:03:51 -0400

> However even here you've got the marketing needs on the side of
> quality

No, marketing is on the side of whatever moves boxes off the shelves
into the hands of deeply confused, scared, doubtful/hopeful purchasers
at CompMegaStore.  That would be 4-color box artwork with two foldout
flaps and a transparent window over the action figure, er, CD.  The
cover is great, so the book must be great, too, right?  If you put a
foldout flap on Red Hat closed with a velcro button, print on premium
glossy cardboard, and hide the box seams in folds, you can raise the
price $25.  Americans luuuuuve packaging.

> how do you get people to buy software that is known to be broken?

I don't know, I'm not a marketer.  I suspect the answer is: "it's
cool, it's now, it's bright and shiny and distracting, everybody's
doing it, it's less boring than your job, jump on the bandwagon".

I do observe that lots of popular software is known to be broken, and
people buy it.  All the versions of Adobe Illustrator I've ever used
(NeXT, Mac, Windows) run about 45 minutes until they start glitching.

> (if you don't have Microsoft-like marketing dollars).

Why do you assume they don't?  AbiSource said they were backed by VC.

> the majority of the support work is in implementation, integration,
> training, and other work associated with making the solution work
> within the enterprise, not fixing bugs.

Implementation, integration, and training are *costly* bugs.

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