Subject: Re: OSDD?
From: Brian Bartholomew <>
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 02:32:01 -0400

> But then I'm not a proponent of the only revenue model to free
> software being support revenues.  As I pointed out to the ABIsource
> guys who were giving away t-shirts at the OSSD event, you give away
> the software and -sell- the t-shirts.  ;-)

Here are the terms I want to buy software under, which amount to
"capped profit".  Suppose five guys sit in a room for a year and write
a spreadsheet for Linux.  Suppose they spend $1M doing this.  You can
sell rights to run this software which include the source, but you
must not collect more than $2M.  If you have 50K purchasers, each
purchaser must pay no more than $40.  At this point the software is
GPL'ed.  Then you find another program to write.  I have a few tweaks
to add but this is the basic idea: repay your investment, make a big
profit, price is simply related to cost and not tied with support,
don't bleed me forever.  You are incented to get the repeat customer
by making your current offering good.

You can charge me $2/minute, 15 minute minimum for phone or email
support.  This rate makes the support organization profitable, and
profitability means I actually will get support.  At this price the
support must be good, like the treatment I used to get from BSDI (I
haven't used them lately).

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