Subject: Re: Can open source cost money?
From: Brian Bartholomew <>
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 01:49:11 -0400

> Why should my company's revenues from product X not be proportional
> to the total amount of value that product generates for my
> customers?

In a competitive market, prices tend to shrink towards the cost to
produce goods.  Part of my platform is price competitiveness for paid
development efforts.


I dislike the BSD license for my purposes because it allows libre
stuff to become non-libre again.  The BSD license is a superb way to
get university research products in mainstream use.  It's a poor way
to keep a donation libre.


For people that support my previously posted goals, I'd like to
suggest a two-phase license.  We could implement my goals in a
one-phase license, but it would require financially secure run-time
usage monitoring -- bleah.  The two phases would work as follows:
Phase one recoups development cost and collects profit.  Phase two
keeps the donated code libre.  The second phase is GPL, as this has
proven to work.  Exactly how prices are set in phase one, and when to
go from phase one to two, are the bits I'd like to discuss and design.

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