Subject: Re: "University-style" vs "Berkeley" licenses
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 27 Aug 1998 04:16:49 -0000

Ray Jones writes:
 > writes:
 > > *One* party concluded that a *portion* of the copyright concerning
 > > advertising was unenforcable and chose to ignore it *after* seeking
 > > advice of counsel.
 > >
 > > [...]
 > >
 > > Both proper initial wording of the agreement and enforcement of the
 > > terms are the responsibility of the licensor.  Caveat Emptor.
 > i am not concerned with the legal arguments regarding enforcability of
 > BSD-style licenses.  my statements were judgements based on my own
 > moral views, which are not based on laws.  i think it is morally wrong
 > to violate an author's wishes regarding the use of their work with
 > only a profit-motive as justification.

*I* read Bob's message, although you seem not to have.  One of his
justifications was that the software would not be distributed because
of the enforced advertising requirement, and that the user would,
paradoxically, get less recognition through his (or rather, his
school's) efforts.

I do not insist that other people's children call me Mr. Nelson, nor
do I insist that my children call other people Mr. this or Mrs. that.
Respect is earned, not granted.  Nor is it achieved through advertising.

-russ nelson <>
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