Subject: Re: "University-style" vs "Berkeley" licenses
From: "William C. Cheng" <>
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1998 00:53:25 -0400

Ray Jones <> wrote:
 | Russell Nelson <> writes:
 | > Ray Jones writes:
 | >  > i am not concerned with the legal arguments regarding enforcability of
 | >  > BSD-style licenses.  my statements were judgements based on my own
 | >  > moral views, which are not based on laws.  i think it is morally wrong
 | >  > to violate an author's wishes regarding the use of their work with
 | >  > only a profit-motive as justification.
 | > 
 | > *I* read Bob's message, although you seem not to have.  One of his
 | > justifications was that the software would not be distributed because
 | > of the enforced advertising requirement, and that the user would,
 | > paradoxically, get less recognition through his (or rather, his
 | > school's) efforts.
 | >
 | > I do not insist that other people's children call me Mr. Nelson, nor
 | > do I insist that my children call other people Mr. this or Mrs. that.
 | > Respect is earned, not granted.  Nor is it achieved through advertising.
 | my mistake.  strike "only" and replace it with "primarily" in what
 | i've written above, though that's only my interpretation of what i
 | read, and it could be that the main justification was in fact a case
 | of trying to increase exposure of the work of the authors.
 | regardless, i still consider such an act wrong.  it assumes that the
 | only reason the author stipulated the advertising requirement is to
 | earn respect or exposure, when in fact the reason could be something
 | completely different.  (perhaps they just prefer to see their name in
 | print.)  to assume knowledge of the private wishes of an author and
 | act against what they've quite clearly stated as their requirements is
 | still not justified, especially when the option of contacting the
 | author is probably available.

May be this discussion is not going where I think it's going, but just in
case...  Please take this discussion offline if it's going to be more and
more philosophical and less fsb related.  Thanks!
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