Subject: Re: "Reasonable Profits"
From: Bob Young <>
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 23:40:18 -0400

> The second model is the tough one.  We founded Cygnus always intending
> _not_ to implement the "bunch of consultants" model but for the first few
> years we were in reality basically nothing but a consulting company (working
> only on libre software of course).  And I doubt the labour theory of value can
> fit red hat's channel approach.  How could you implement it?
> I wonder about the opposite problem.  How does one build sufficient brand
> equity with libre (or gratis) software?   ...

Occasionally people ask us at Red Hat for advice on how to do this.  
We tend to duck these requests and point out that there are many 
experienced and talented brand management experts available.  Just 
don't expect to find them in the computer industry.

Cheers,   Bob.

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