Subject: Re: "Reasonable Profits"
From: "Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona" <>
Date: Tue, 1 Sep 1998 16:47:55 +0000 (/etc/localtime)

Brian Behlendorf writes:
 > At 03:16 PM 9/1/98 -0400, Frank Hecker wrote:
 > >* You find some other mechanism by which you can distinguish VIP
 > >customers from other customers and have them compensate you for the time
 > >and attention you spend catering to their needs.
 > One way to do it, perhaps, is to charge based on # of contacts allowed to
 > ask for support.  Based on the theory that if company X has twice the
 > installed base of your product as company Y, they will probably want to
 > have twice as many people on the contact list.  On the other hand, the
 > customer could internally organize so that even with ten times the usage
 > all questions are filtered through a single contact - which is beneficial
 > to you, because such a person is likely to know enough about your products
 > to answer most questions (after the first time they are asked) without
 > needing to call the support line.

	That's exactly (as long as I know) how ACT works. I guess that 
their bet is that their costs are going to be related to the number of 
contact points for a given company, in what relates to support. And
then you have things like "new developments", which they will be more
happy to do if "many paying seats" ask for them. Or, of course, if any 
company is willing to pay for it...

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