Subject: Re: SELLING support contracts
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 15 Sep 1998 02:19:15 -0000 writes:
 > On identification:
 > There is a tension between branding and unrestricted distribution.  It
 > seems to me that a libre license can legitemately require a
 > redistributor to change any strings identifying the originator of the
 > distribution to protect themselves from people shifting the burden of
 > support costs.  This doesn't strike me as conflicting with the
 > *intent* of the open source license, and it provides one basis for
 > motivation supplier (and brand) loyalty.

It would take only a slight modification to the GPL to require that
redistribution occur under the redistributor's imprinteur.  Perhaps
trademark law could be used to protect the branding.  So that you
could only call your product "RedHat Linux" by paying a licensing fee
for the term.  I mean really, you could call it Chapeau Rouge Linux
just as easily.  But when you say "RedHat Linux", you are obviously
trading on the reputation and efforts of RedHat the company.

-russ nelson <>
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