Subject: Re: access to free software
From: "Russell Nelson" <nelson@CRYNWR.COM>
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1993 10:35:11 EST

On Sat, 20 Mar 93 9:29:33 PST, "Phil Hughes" <fyl@FYLZ.COM> wrote:

> Anyway, that means the goal of the magazine is really supposed to be
> more like "help software users get supportable software" or "help
> users get the best software for the least money".

The online community usually has little trouble getting support for
a program -- they either start up a mailing list or use a newgroup to
find other users.  But not everyone is online, and commercial
entities are discouraged from blatant advertising in the online

Yes, there is a large market for free software.

>  * From a customer's point of view, getting something that does what
>    they want and is maintainable is more important that any poltical
>    reason for free software.  Thus, software with available source
>    code but no free redistribution may be their best choice.

I suggest that you focus on free-market-supportable software.  That
is to say, any party should be able to improve the software and
publish their own version.

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