Subject: Re: GPL and trademarks and brandnames...
From: Brian Bartholomew <>
Date: Fri, 6 Nov 1998 15:40:36 -0500

> But we want to reserve the right to stop anyone from selling it
> under the same name (so others cannot take advantage of the time and
> money we spend establishing a brandname).

I know that changing the nameplate and selling another's product as
your own is a well-established practice in the marketplace.  As is
establishing a fictional range of products by selling the same object
as Best Quality and Best Value under different brands.  However, I
always thought these practices should be considered fraud.

You are trying to make the brand proprietary instead of the source.
This may or may not bother you, but I'm suggesting it should.  If you
believe in libre, then shouldn't all your IP be libre, not just the

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