Subject: Re: independent consultants.
From: Jonathan Ryshpan <>
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 11:23:30 -0800

>* Viability for schools and university
> - Free OS's are more powerful and tends to ask for more
>	administration; while there is no direct economic advantage
>	in choosing free software, educational center should be happier
>	to pay for people's work than to buy unattended objects.

Having administered both, I don't think Linux is harder to administer
than NT.  Admin problems come mostly from device configuration,
networking, and protection.  These problems are handled in different
ways in the two systems, but the basic difficulties are about the same.
Open Source (tm) for Linux makes it somewhat easier for hackers, like
myself, to administer than NT.  For non-hackers, there's not a lot to

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