Subject: Re: How Microsoft Thinks
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 12 Nov 1998 03:58:47 -0000

Bob Young writes:
 > It is not yet trademarked, and I suspect that it is not trade-markable (word?).

It's a certification mark, which differs but slightly from a
trademark.  See .

 > If it becomes a trade-marked -name- we (as a community) are going to have to 
 > come up with another adjective.  Any suggestions?  
 > Free Software, maybe?  ;-)

But then you get back to the Good Old Problem with the word "Free" --
that it has two meanings.  Do you want Microsoft to claim that it's a
part of the free software movement?  Internet Explorer is free, and
it's software, so it's free software, right?

No.  If someone wishes to use the Open-Source mark on a piece of
software, then it must abide by the Open Source Definition.

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