Subject: Re: How Microsoft Thinks
From: Bob Young <>
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 09:24:48 -0500

> If someone wishes to use the Open-Source mark on a piece of
> software, then it must abide by the Open Source Definition.

Despite my reservations about the success of such an effort with 
backing from no known sources of funding, this may be a good idea.

But it does get into the old UNIX trademark issues.  With the old X/
Open folks having to write nasty letters to everyone who positioned 
their product as having anything to do with UNIX in order to protect 
the X/Open's trademark.  

To the point where maddog Hall suggests that instead of 
saying that your product is like UNIX, you should say that UNIX is 
like your product.  ;-)

So most of us just promoted our products as being POSIX oriented.  No 
one was out to protect the trademark status of the word POSIX, but 
everyone knew what it meant.

I prefer the current status of Open Source - namely promote what it 
means and leave the enforcement to the marketplace.

Cheers,   Bob.

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