Subject: The Internet Business Journal LISTSERV List
From: Michael Strangelove <441495@ACADVM1.UOTTAWA.CA>
Date: Wed, 12 May 93 06:54:29 EDT


Internet Business Journal Distribution List

Operational as of May 11th, 1993

For Further Information Contact:

Michael Strangelove, Publisher
The Internet Business Journal

The Internet Business Journal Distribution List is now
accepting subscribers. This LISTSERV list distributes the
electronic text of The Internet Business Journal, under
the sponsorship of the Wladyslaw Poniecki Foundation.

The electronic version *only* contains the table of
contents, article abstracts, editorial, letter from the
publisher, and the column, Access--Ability, by Dr. Norm
Coombs. This e-version is freely available in low ascii
text and will soon be available as a PostScript file. The
IBJ e-version will also soon be available via FTP and Gopher
(to be announced).

To subscribe to the Internet Business Journal
Distribution List, send the command:

SUB IBJ-L your name


Send the command in the body of the mail message, not
in the subject line. Replace "your name" with your full

Subscribers to IBJ-L will receive notice of new table
of content/abstract editions, new online documents
relevant to the business community, and related
information. There is no subscription fee for IBJ-L.
Please note that IBJ-L is not a conversational list.
Only the list owner will post to IBJ-L.

IBJ-L is intended to be very low volume in the number
of postings. General informational items, press
releases, conference announcements, and so forth will
NOT be posted.

Items that inform subscribers of new Internet business
community resources, services and online documents WILL
be announced through IBJ-L. IBJ-L will archive unique
resources relevant to the business community, but will
not mirror (duplicate) resources already available
elsewhere via the Internet.

Queries regarding IBJ-L should be sent to:

Michael Strangelove, Publisher
The Internet Business Journal

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