Subject: does anyone sell a free 'awkcc' ?
From: Edward Vielmetti <emv@GARNET.MSEN.COM>
Date: Wed, 19 May 93 12:35:48 EDT

(Good idea for a list, Russ.)

One of my users here asked about an awk compiler; after looking
around a bit and asking some questions, it sounds like they would
probably be OK with teh 'awkcc' from the "Unix Toolchest" at AT&T.

If there are any folks here who are selling such a thing, please
let me know and I will forward teh details along.  I'm not sure
what sense of "free" this falls under, since I suspect that even
a version derived from the AT&T sources would work OK, but the
main goal is to deliver the software and the support for it ever
over the Internet rather than through std. commercial channels.