Subject: Re: GPL and trademarks and brandnames...
From: "Brian J. Fox" <>
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 23:10:43 -0800

   Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 01:59:46 -0500
   From: Brian Bartholomew <>

	   If I'm a stranger to the project, I must pay $10 per year per
	   unit to use the software.  This money goes to compensate core
	   developers.  The core developer company promises to refund my
	   $10 pro-rata if it makes more than xx% profit a year, so I
	   know my money is going to cover costs and not outrageous
	   profits.  Having bought in, I get source, which I can modify
	   and redistribute to others who have bought in.

Hey look, it's multi-level marketing wearing free software clothes!

Brian (Fox)