Subject: free awkcc
From: arnold@SKEEVE.ATL.GA.US (Arnold D. Robbins)
Date: Wed, 19 May 93 20:27 EDT

Bob Chassell forwarded the note to me on a 'free' awkcc.  To my knowledge,
there isn't one, although I know someone thinking about writing one.
It would not be unreasonable to make gawk do this, but we have other things
on our list with much higher priority.

The att awkcc is not free in the GPL sense, but licensing it is cheap.
I don't know what's involved in relicensing it on to others though. There is
in my mind the major issue that it is probably very out-of-date with respect
to even the V.4 nawk and certainly the POSIX spec for awk.  With gawk (and,
I have to admit, mawk) available, both of which very much outperform
att's nawk, there is not as much need for the translator to C.

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