Subject: Re: legal structure around Linux (and FS in general) in Germany
From: "D. V. Henkel-Wallace" <>
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 1998 22:15:54 -0800

At 00:33 28-11-98 -0500, Scott Goehring wrote:
>"D" == D V Henkel-Wallace <> writes:
>>>  Most parts of Linux list their primary authors in comments.  There
>>> might be other people who have fixed enough of those parts to have
>>> standing, too, without being listed; I wouldn't expect that those
>>> people would be particularly difficult to find or to contact (given
>>> the extensive linux-kernel mailing list archives).
>D> The question is whether the courts will accept this.
>My (admittedly unexpert) opinion is that they will. [...]
>It also seems to me that it is unlikely that an action brought to
>enforce a GPL copyright would create a need for mandatory (Rule 19)
>joinder of other copyright holders[...]

How excellent if true.

Interestingly, if this does turn out to be true (let's hope we never have
to find out) then we can drop all the assignment-collecting hair necessary
to put something into an official GNU source tree.