Subject: Re: contra-ESR and the principle of infinite exploitation
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 17 Dec 1998 04:09:08 -0000

Adam Di Carlo writes:
 > I find it hard to conceive of a free software business with
 > non-linear profit potentials (ruling out most of the models ESR
 > presents) assuming the embrace the ideal that software ought to be
 > community property.  This poses a fundamental problem for venture
 > capitalists looking for fsb investment opportunities.

Venture capitalists can accept linear profit potentials, as long as
they're a non-zero (non-one, non-two, and maybe even non-three :)
multiple of the capital invested.

They may have to since the market may no longer support proprietary
software.  Or else it may be that programmers will simply invent fewer 
wheels, create more value, and make out that way?

-russ nelson <>
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